Commission a prop

Please consider the following Before contacting us:

Size- if not illustrated in your design  please let us know sizes required.Size brackets are useful ( ex: 10 to 12 foot) as this flexibility is useful when trying to fit projects to budget.

Usage-what is it to be used for; indoors/ outdoors, close up, background, interacted with etc? A piece that will be exhibited indoors  for a day and never touched by anyone other than the handlers will be fabricated and priced differently to a piece that needs to survive being interacted with outdoors for years.

Deadline- When is it needed for?If extra makers are needed to be brought in to work late to hit a tight deadline, then things tend to be more expensive than for more generous deadlines

Location- (We are in Cardiff)Please let us know where you are and  if you want delivery included in the price or if you intend to collect.

Budget- not everyone likes to disclose their budget but quite often by doing so we can often offer solutions to fit.